No. 6 – The False Accusation Epidemic

5 Mar

Jail-woman-310x168A friend came up with this addition to the list of 5 Tools Everyone in the Rape Culture Industry Should Be Using, which is actually more of an oversight on my part, because spreading the idea that false accusations of rape are common, prevalent, and are more likely than not the case is a vital cog in the rape culture industry’s gears.

Feel free to ignore all rhetoric, statistics, and data that dispute this tool, because it’s highly effective, which is the only concern Everyone in the Rape Culture Industry should have. Aaron Bady may say that “We are in the midst of an ongoing, quiet epidemic of sexual violence, now as always. We are not in the midst of an epidemic of false rape charges, and that fact is important here,” and he may be right, but don’t let that sway you. And although rates of false accusation are most likely at about 8% (this, of course, cannot include the sexual assaults that go unreported; if everyone who was sexually assaulted reported it, the number would plunge), it is imperative that every single time someone who makes a false accusation is found out, it be published on major news outlets nationwide, as though false accusations of rape are somehow more remarkable than false accusations of any other crime. Sure, the rape-specific coverage of false accusations may be disproportionate, but don’t let that bother you, either (it’s definitely not a byproduct of rape culture, so don’t even think it).  Fortunately for Everyone in the Rape Culture Industry, the media rarely reports on examples of, for instance, how a man accused  of rape over many years by multiple women, who don’t know each other but recount the same experience, can be acquitted every time. Or that an estimated 3% of rapists will ever see any jail time. Imagine how bogged down newspapers and news shows would be if they reported on every rape trial, even just the ones that ended in conviction. Untenable! So they just stick to reporting false accusations, the validity of doing so supported by the other tools – specifically, No. 3 – Women = Crazy. Phew, close call.

So, get out there, rape culture apologists, and start spreading the discredited notion that false rape accusations are relevant to the discussion of sexual violence. Just don’t mention that it has no basis and actually hurts people, because nobody wants to believe that. It’s much easier (and more convenient, and less torturous*) to believe women are so likely to be vindictive, vengeful, irrational nutbars, they will make false accusations out of sheer spite and the female’s innate desire to destroy good men.

*Clarification: it’s easier, more convenient, and less torturous for anyone not a survivor of sexual assault. The survivors, however, are just SOL.


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